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The Vegan LOVE Challenge
Written by Leeanne   

Triangle Meatless Monday and Bull City BUCK$ present the 3rd Bull City Vegan Challenge:

❤ Vegan Love Challenge: Eat.Vote.Love. ❤

Bull City Vegan Love ChallengeFebruary 1st - 28th, 2014

Who says love should only be celebrated one day of the year?  Six restaurants are competing to see who can dish up the best love, in the form of a creative vegan entree and dessert, the entire month of February.  (Two additional locations are participating in the dessert competition only.)
Is it love of Durham?  Unrequited love?  The love of a new romance?  Or just love of...yourself?  Perhaps it is agape, meaning unconditional love in ancient Greek.  No matter which love, local chefs will be creating their best assemblage of love, and you, dear diner, must select the loveliest.  Patrons receive bonus points from local loyalty program Bull City BUCK$ for ordering the “love” dish during the month of February. See below for prizes you can win just for participating.

Click here to cast your votes!
UPDATE: here is the list of winners announced at the After-party on March 15!

Competing Restaurants (click each for details)

Beyu Caffe

Parts & Labor (Motorco)

Dos Perros


The Refectory Cafe

Hummingbird Bakery

Taberna Tapas

The Cupcake Bar
(dessert competition only)

The Parlour
(dessert competition only)

How do I participate?

It's easy. Go to the participating restaurants throughout February. Eat, share the love, and vote.

  • GO to one of the participating restaurants. Be sure to "scan" the promotional poster on the window for 5 Bull City BUCK$.
  • ORDER the #eatvotelove dish - the server should know, but if not - let us know!
  • SCAN. Ask to scan the Bull City BUCK$ QR code which your server should provide, to earn 30 BUCK$.
  • SHARE. Snap a photo of the dish and share your experience both on Facebook or Twitter, and on the LOVE restaurant page. You will be entered to win a Go2Pro if your photo is selected (see below). You'll need to tag us and use #eatvotelove #bcvc and be sure the photo does not have privacy restrictions. If it's not public, we can't see it.
  • VOTE once you feel confident in the "best in" categories listed below fill out your ballot.  If we get 100 or more votes, we're making a donation to Hayti Heritage Center. This is not a scientific survey but we highly encourage that you try as many competing restaurants/dishes as possible - both for the restaurants involved and for your enjoyment!
  • PRIZES. Earn prizes for voting, sharing photos, and more - see below! We've got prizes that would make Ed McMahon jealous (were he still, um, here).

What are the voting categories I'm voting on?

  • I love every part of you: Best overall LOVE conveyed by main dish and dessert.
  • Love at first sight: Best looking.
  • Best surprise: Chefs win for deception in hidden ingredients.*
  • Sweetest love: Best dessert.

The link to vote is now live, here! Try to sample as many entries as you can before voting - there are 6 amazing dishes and more than enough love to go around. If 100 or more participants vote, we will make a donation to Durham's Hayti Heritage Center in honor of Black History Month. Share widely!

What does Bull City BUCK$ have to do with this? How do I earn BUCK$?

Bull City BUCK$ is a co-sponsor of this year's Vegan Challenge. Each time you visit a participating restaurant and order their competition LOVE dish, you can scan the QR code for 30 BUCK$ (once/day per restaurant). You can also scan the QR code for Bull City BUCK$ on the Vegan Love Challenge posters around town daily to earn 5 BUCK$. Get the Bull City BUCK$ app on your iPhone or Android so you can learn more and earn or redeem your BUCK$.

Don't forget:
please take the Meatless Monday pledge and encourage your friends and family to join you! (New pledgers can earn 30 BUCK$! from Triangle Meatless Monday)

OK, great. But what can I win?

By voting, you are entered to win one of the following prizes:

  • Best photo: Go2Pro camera (tag #eatvotelove #bcvc)
  • Most Bull City BUCK$ challenge points earned (3 winners)
  • Most LOVE on social media:  6-meal package from local chef Maggie's Conscious Vegan Cuisine (tag #eatvotelove #bcvc)
  • Random love: A randomly selected voting participant will win two 50-minute personal wellness coaching sessions with Louis Vitiello, Jr.

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We are thankful to our prize sponsors and #eatvotelove volunteers. Learn more about and support them here!

And what about the great chefs who toiled for us?

We cannot forget the chefs - the most important ingredient to the contest! Participating chefs are eligible to win:

  • Best overall: article in the Indy Weekly following the challenge with a recipe of the winning dish.
  • Best looking dish: Interview on Plant-Based Life podcast with Louis Vitello, Jr. and a copy of Great Chefs Cook Vegan, a mouthwatering cookbook by Linda Long.
  • Best surprise ingredient: Vegan cookbook and a Vegan event will be organized at your restaurant.
  • Best dessert: Whole Foods gift card
  • Each chef will also receive a voucher for a tub of Roots hummus.

Share your Love Challenge photos with us on Facebook and Twitter at @bc_vc and use the hashtags #EatVoteLove and #bcvc - and share in the comments section below! Your feedback is encouraged!

Brought to you through an affair between Bull City BUCK$, Bull City Vegan Challenge, and Triangle (Loves) Meatless Mondays. To see a list of all our sponsors, go here.

Voting link:

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The Vegan LOVE Challenge
Science Says: Vegetarians Live Longer!
Written by Leeanne   

Written by Erica Meier
June 4, 2013 This article was originally posted on

Here’s some news to chew on: According to a newly-published report featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), vegetarians are likely to live longer than their meat-eating friends.

The six-year study included more than 70,000 members of the Seventh-Day Adventist church, which proudly promotes a meat-free diet. Participants ranged from meat-eaters to pescatarians to vegans. The results show that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from a range of ailments, including heart disease, cancer, and kidney-related diseases, and that vegetarians had a 12% lower mortality rate than non-vegetarians.

This is good news for vegetarians and soon-to-be vegetarians as well as for animals. And maybe it’s why other studies have shown that vegetarians also lead happier and less stressful lives.

Interestingly, while the JAMA research concludes that overall “Vegetarian diets are associated with lower all-cause mortality and with some reductions in cause-specific mortality,” it also notes that the “results appeared to be more robust in males.”

This is perfect timing for father’s day – let your dad know just how much you care by serving up a delicious, life-saving vegan meal and perhaps giving him a vegan cookbook, such as John Schlimm’s Vegan Grilling Style.

Science Says: Vegetarians Live Longer!
Earth Day 2013 Giveaway
Written by Leeanne   

Pledge and Enter to Win a Fiction Kitchen Gift Certificate and Cookbook!

It’s time to celebrate Earth Day as well as the second anniversary of Triangle Meatless Monday! We are proud of all of you that have pledged to go meatless, whether you’ve been with us all along or you’ve just joined in the fun.  The Triangle area is becoming more and more open to plant-based eating and we couldn’t be happier.  Which brings us to the excitement of our latest giveaway contest! Fiction Kitchen, a delicious all-vegetarian restaurant that opened in Raleigh a few months ago, has generously offered a $25 gift certificate to our next winner! The winner will also receive a copy of the cookbook Vegan Unplugged by Jon and Robin Robertson. A runner-up will receive a copy of The Vegan Slow Cooker, written by local Durham writer Kathy Hester.  Details on how to enter to win are below.

How to Enter:

1.      Pledge to go meatless at one of our Earth Day tables, on the day of the event (locations below).
Raleigh – Saturday April 20, 2013
9AM – 5PM at NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Durham – Sunday April 21, 2013
12PM – 5PM at Durham Central Park

2.      Share our Earth Day photo on Facebook. You must click the “share” option on this photo from Triangle Meatless Monday’s facebook page and post it on your Facebook page for your friends to see.  The photo sharing entry can be any time beginning Friday April 19 – Thursday 11:59pm Eastern on April 25, 2013.


One winner and one runner-up will be chosen at random from the above pool of entries. Winners will be announced on Facebook and by Monday April 29th, 2013 and arrangements will be made with the individuals for delivery of the winning item(s). TMM organizers and their family members are not eligible to win.



Earth Day 2013 Giveaway
2012 Bull City Vegan Brunch Challenge
Written by Amanda   

Building on the success of the 2010 Bull City Vegan Challenge and the popularity of the Triangle’s Fiction Kitchen vegan brunch series, where 100+ people lined up rain or shine for veganized biscuits/gravy, eggs benedict, and more, the Bull City Vegan Challenge (BC/VC) is back:  for brunch.   As with the 2010 challenge, local Durham c hefs will compete this October to create the best brunch, the public dines then votes. At the moment we're lining up some excellent restaurants to participate -- follow news and updates about participating restaurants here: and

photo by Jennifer Vroom

Triangle Meatless Monday is proud to be co-sponsoring this event along with the Durham Farmer's Market.

2012 Bull City Vegan Brunch Challenge
Nosh profile (Durham)
Written by Leeanne   

Triangle Meatless Monday Restaurant Profile:


Food: Fun and Family

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to sit down with Wendy, the owner of Nosh in Durham, and Sara, a staff member and manager of social media for Nosh.  But first, a little history.  In the Fall of 2010, Nosh participated in the Bull City Vegan Challenge, a contest in Durham where 10 local chefs competed to come up with creative vegetarian and vegan selections - something that had been noticeably missing in Durham.  Nosh really stepped up to the plate - or you could stay to the stove -  and was a runner up as a favorite for their delicious vegan pumpkin pancakes with a side of tempeh fakin' bacon.

Ever since, the local meatless community has been urging them to continue carrying vegan dishes - and Triangle Meatless Monday has been in discussions with them as well. We are so pleased that they are now a participating Triangle Meatless Monday restaurant offering a vegan dinner special every night, as well as vegan pancakes every weekend for brunch! Nosh has also generously donated a vegan dinner for 2 for the winner of our Anniversary/Earth Day contest.  And without further delay, we bring you Wendy and Sara!

Interview by Rob Beloved, written & condensed by Eleni

TMM:  What’s your philosophy around food?
Wendy:  I love food…it’s a way for people to have a family outside the family.

TMM:  Yes, that’s how it feels at Nosh.
Wendy: Food is a unifier of people and great times. When you think back, some of the best times of your life are memories of meals.  I have my best memories of being out with my grandmother.  She baked cakes for a living, and I think that’s why I’m in the restaurant business. That was the center of our universe: her house – constant cooking, meals, family, fun.  That’s what we do here at Nosh – I try to keep a nice atmosphere, and good food at a good price point, so people can come back every day if they want to.  Our staff, we try to treat them well.
Sara: She feeds us good. [Laughter]
Wendy: Yes, they will never starve. They are like an extension of our family.  That’s what I think about food – fun and family.

TMM:  Explain more how you have applied this philosophy, the intersection of food and family, at Nosh.
Sara: That good frosting, tell them about the carrot cake. 
Wendy: It’s my mom’s recipe.  Every birthday I’d get a carrot cake.  It was her recipe which came from my grandmother.  We try to do as much as we can from scratch. 
Sara: One of my favorite ways is you include your family and community in the names of sandwiches. 

TMM:  I notice that you have pictures of animals instead of numbers to match orders to tables…how did that come about?
Wendy: In my grandma’s house we had lots of animals.  They lived on a farm.  We always had dogs, cats.  When you go into business you have to decide what things you are going to support.  When we did Nosh we decided to work with the Animal Protection Society (APS).  They give you pictures of animals up for adoption.  It really works.
Sara: We have actually had customers who have adopted animals, like Westin.  They tell us about the animals they adopted.

TMM:  Where do you see Nosh in the future?
Wendy: We’re not planning on going anywhere.  We’re hopefully going to be here for 20-30 years.  We’re working with Duke and going to put a small café in the Cancer Center in December.  Duke is part of our big family. 

TMM:  We feel like, at Nosh, you go out of your way to accommodate all types of food choices and diets.
Wendy: Sara has really been helping us evolve our menu items for vegans.  I have been enjoying communicating with more people in the community.  I enjoy helping to connect Nosh with that part of our community. 

TMM:  What has been the response?

Wendy: Great feedback. 

TMM:  Meat-free diners and vegans are really passionate about food.
Wendy: Yes! I have to say, when we did the [Bull City Vegan Challenge] we met a lot of new people and people who supported us through that competition.  That was really a lot of fun. It broadened our horizons in the food world and what people want – we didn’t even know what people wanted, those dietary needs. 
Sara: I’ve been trying to expand my own awareness about what people want in vegan cuisine, and I’ve began eating vegan cuisine for 25% of my meals to really understand.  It’s just fun.  I’m already feeling a big difference.

TMM:  Wow, that’s great. Nosh really does listen to their customers!
Sara: I love how important our customers are to us.  People are asking about Wendy when she’s not here…it’s a great feeling that the owner is by the stove.
Wendy: People come and say how nice our staff is – Sara is in culinary school, and so welcoming with our customers.  That’s the best compliment you can get as owner/manager.  Your folks are being taken care of even when you’re not there.  We try to attract people I’d like to be waited on in my dining experience.
Sara: We like them to come back.

TMM:  I had your vegan blueberry pancakes.  They were delicious – I’ll be back.

Nosh profile (Durham)
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